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The first is that obesity is sedentary. The calories consumed are greater than the calories consumed. The body's fat is prone to accumulation and the body weight will rise. Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.
The memory will be reduced Sedentary, blood circulation slows, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in mental depression, manifested as tired body, mental apathy, yawning.
Can also cause cervical spondylosis to maintain a long time sitting position, body weight press on the bottom of the spine, coupled with long periods of inactivity in the shoulders and neck, easily lead to stiff cervical spine, and even severe deformation of the spine and induced bone hyperplasia.
Loss of appetite and indigestion Sedentary lack of body movement will weaken the gastrointestinal motility and reduce the secretion of digestive juices. The symptoms of loss of appetite, indigestion and fullness will occur over time.

Lesbians are also prone to gynecological diseases Many women have cervical problems not because of bad health habits but because they are related to sedentary. Prolonged sitting can hinder the production of immune cells, resulting in decreased resistance, coupled with the lack of smooth blood circulation, easily lead to gynecological diseases such as cervicitis.

■ Be a test
Are you a sedentary family?
The following four if you take three, then you are "Seated."
1. Every day by car or car to work, the buttocks and chairs are difficult to separate.
2. In addition to going to the toilet, eating lunch, etc., it is not easy to stand up.
3. There is a lack of exercise in your spare time. At home, you can sit without sitting. It takes absolutely hours to spend a few hours on the sofa.
4. Less than 3 sports activities a week, less than 20 minutes each time.

■ Dangerous figures
Pushing Silicon Valley Popular Station Office
Don't be embarrassed. Four are all accounted for, and it is not shameful to be a "sedentary race," but it is not good for health.
If you look back in history, it's interesting that people who couldn't walk upright decades or millions of years ago are more and more like sitting, sitting, working in a car, traveling by plane in the modern technology era. Humans can't wait to sit and do everything.
However, the "Stop Office" has recently become popular in the Silicon Valley of the United States. Many well-known companies have begun to provide a desk with a higher desktop, which allows employees to stand on the job. For example, the social networking company "Facebook" has more than 200 names. Employees chose a new "station desk", Internet giant Google Inc. also included this desk in the company's health plan, welcomed by employees

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