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Advantages of linear actuators in mechanical equipment
Compared with traditional linear actuators, linear actuators have their own advantages, and they are often used in a wide variety of mechanical equipment. Sometimes, when selecting a customer, customers also consult the advantages of linear actuators. Today, we will integrate the information and tell everyone the advantages of linear actuators in mechanical equipment.

First of all, it has a smaller installation space than other transmissions. Because of its compact internal structure and the use of an integrated molded exterior with a drive, this design also allows linear actuators to withstand greater loads during use.

Secondly, the linear actuator can be equipped with a control circuit, which can be remotely controlled, and can also be controlled by programming, so it is very simple and convenient to use.

There is also a high transmission efficiency. Compared with the traditional transmission method, the efficiency is increased by at least 30%. This is a very objective change, which improves the work efficiency and saves working time.
Finally, it has a faster lifting speed, is more stable, has higher precision, is highly practical in mechanical equipment, and has a long service life.
So when you choose a transmission, try the GeMinG linear actuator, perhaps giving you a new understanding of our products.

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