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GeMinG manufactures linear linear actuator mechanical solutions to provide different stable linear motion in different applications. From medical care to agriculture and agricultural machinery, comfortable furniture to office lift motion series or industrial automation-the opportunities are almost endless. Come to GeMinG to explore! GeMinG's wide range of business will inspire you. We are experts in linear drive execution technology. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and ask what you want to know.
GeMinG, a Electric Telescopic lifting columns are best-suited for height adjustable office, industrial and medical equipment which require vertical movement. Our columns are made specifically for quiet and smooth movement in such manufactured products as desks and medical beds. See our full product listing below, and read on to learn more about telescoping linear actuators, benefits and applications, and why GeMinG is the best choice for these products.
In addition to the electric actuator systems and components, Chrome Ming transmission also produces a series of gear planetary gear motors that are perfectly compatible with Chrome Ming electric actuators. Products are widely used in various industrial production lines, conveying machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, office equipment, instrumentation, advertising industry, amusement facilities, financial equipment, household appliances, intelligent robots and other fields. The economic solution for the preferred accessory products and other industrial equipment for automation equipment. Please refer to the product list below and read more about our options for high quality geared motors.

Soundless linear actuator

Founded in 2008, GeMinG has become a leading manufacturer of electric linear actuators, electric lifting columns, control systems and related technologies. With two GeMinG subsidiaries located in the world, two manufacturing plants and sales agents, Mainland GeMinG can provide global engineering and sales support.
The most important part of GeMinG is our team, which is comprised of over 1200 people from more than 12 countries around the world. Through collaboration, we leverage each other’s strengths to create innovative and effective solutions for a multitude of product applications. The personal connections gained through collaboration also strengthens the bond of the GeMinG family, a multi-national team working together to meet the common goal of providing high quality, long life linear motion solutions with the best possible customer service for our partners. Continue Reading

Our products

Company's main products: linear actuators, lifting columns, miniature actuators,

GeMingG drive, beyond the self

We provide high quality, long-lasting, and customized system solutions. Our products are known for their high load capacity, different speed options, and trusted operating systems. We aim to meet the needs of our customers and strive to be consistent across different industries.

Industrial Use

Industrial Use

Many industrial applications require heavy-duty automation on a large scale — especially for agriculture, construction, mining, ventilation and process control, among others. The technology is out there, and it’s only getting better. Equipment manufacturers are increasingly turning to electric linear actuators as a cost-efficient and reliable alternative to previous industry standards, notably hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Our GeMinG series product line is listed below, as well as additional information about what we offer and the full benefits of linear actuator technology.,

Medical & Furniture Use

Medical & Furniture Use

In many ways, comfort boils down to customization. A consumer wants the freedom to move into just the right position — and not be strained in the process. GeMinG understands that better than anyone, which is why we have an impressive selection of electric actuator options ideal for home automation manufacturing. Home furniture actuators make it possible to move with ease until perfectly comfortable. As automated technology becomes more commonplace in the home, original equipment manufacturers and furniture retailers are more inclined to provide electric actuators.

PV Bracket use

PV Bracket use

And the dual axis can increase the power generation by up to 40%. The flat single-axis reliability risks are relatively low, while the skew single-axis and dual-axis risks are higher. It is reported that the market installed capacity of the global PV tracking system in 2015 was 8.8 GW. By 2023, the market size of the global PV tracking system is expected to reach 7.54 billion US dollars.As a subsidiary of the GeMinG company GeMinG, the transmission company has designed a perfect tracking bracket for photovoltaic biaxial tracking. Solve the difficulties in the industry

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The GeMinG drive's vertically integrated business model can provide manufacturers with more flexible customization options, while also meeting cost-effectiveness and complete product warranty. Our complete solution not only helps improve the overall system, but more importantly meets your needs and goals. Contact us today to find out more.

Exquisite workmanship Super high quality


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New self-locking agricultural electric cylinder, agricultural linear actuator worm gear reducer, screw assembly and self-locking mechanism

Self-locking electric cylinders, including servo motors, worm gear reducers, screw assemblies and anti-rotation mechanisms. The screw assembly includes a mating screw and a screw nut, and an end face of a lead screw nut is fixedly disposed with the linear actuator. The anti-rotation mechanism is prevented from rotating by two planes parallel to the outer surface of the linear actuator. The servo motor is connected to the one-way transmission through one end of the screw shaft through the worm gear reducer

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