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Industrial Use

Industrial Motion

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Industrial Use

Many industrial applications require heavy-duty automation on a large scale — especially for agriculture, construction, mining, ventilation and process control, among others. The technology is out there, and it’s only getting better. Equipment manufacturers are increasingly turning to electric linear actuators as a cost-efficient and reliable alternative to previous industry standards, notably hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Our GeMinG series product line is listed below, as well as additional information about what we offer and the full benefits of linear actuator technology.,

Maintenance-free linear actuator for agricultural machinery
There are more and more projects required by modern agricultural machinery. The cross-cutting between fine farming and heavy-duty durability must be coordinated with the requirements of a flexible, intelligent and easy-to-integrate sustainable solution. With the rugged GeMinG linear actuator, you can meet today's challenges.

Eliminate weak links and require no maintenance
Low energy consumption and environmental protection
Enjoy intelligent automation

With linear actuators up to 15,000 N, linear actuators can perform a variety of tasks required for modern agricultural machinery. From tractors, harvesters, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and seeders, there are many advantages. Today, GeMinG linear actuators are used to regulate the fertilizer, salt or sand of fertilizer spreaders and sprayers, and to adjust the height and angle of the spiral spray pipe on the harvester. The GeMinG linear actuator is used to control the harvester as well as to pack the spout and shredder.

No leakage, no oil leakage or no regular maintenance
Unlike hydraulic pushers, GeMinG linear actuators do not have hoses or pumps. This means no oil leakage, better energy efficiency and no maintenance. The compact construction of only a few cables is much easier to install, and comprehensive testing by the GeMinG Linear Actuator R&D department ensures durability, reliability and long life.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly
The GeMinG linear actuator significantly improves overall energy efficiency with standby power consumption close to zero. Combined with an intelligent control system, it can reduce the spillage of grain, fertilizer or straw, saving farmers' costs and focusing on the environment.

Using intelligent sports
The GeMinG linear actuator is easy to integrate with most agricultural machinery control systems. Providing feedback to the system, agronomists can monitor, adjust or preset functions from the cab so they can better understand the tool position or current movement.

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