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601 Household photovoltaic owners are most concerned about the questions and answers

The World Linear ActuatorWebsite: In recent years, there has been rapid development of distributed photovoltaics for household use in China. In some developed rural areas, distributed power plants have already flown into the homes of ordinary people; but there are still many people who do not understand distributed power plants. Frequently asked questions for your reference.

Date:2021-08-19 17:13:08
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The World Linear ActuatorWebsite: In recent years, there has been rapid development of distributed photovoltaics for household use in China. In some developed rural areas, distributed power plants have already flown into the homes of ordinary people; but there are still many people who do not understand distributed power plants. Frequently asked questions for your reference.

1. Will there be any electric shock when thunder touches the battery board?

A: The photovoltaic system has lightning protection measures.

2. Will the reflection of the panel affect the neighbors?

A: At present, the use of coated glass is basically used for photovoltaic modules, and the effect of reflection is very small.

3. Does the panel have radiation?

A: Photovoltaic power generation system converts solar energy into electrical energy according to the principle of photovoltaic generation. No pollution, no radiation, and electronic devices such as inverters and power distribution cabinets pass the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test, so there is no harm to the human body. .

4. If the power grid is disconnected, can PV be used?

A: With the sun, photovoltaic systems can generate electricity. Grid-connected inverters have island protection, and the mains power supply automatically stops output. It can be understood that the system is generating electricity, but it is not connected.

5. How to clean the PV modules?

A: The rainwater can be clean and does not require special maintenance. If you encounter adhering dirt, simply wipe it.

6, when wiped with water will not have the danger of electric shock?

A: In order to avoid the risk of electric shock to the human body by wiping the module under high temperature and strong light, and possible damage to the module, it is recommended to clean the module in the morning or in the late afternoon.

7. Can I step on the components to clean up?

A: The components are load-bearing, but they cannot be cleaned by stepping on the components. This can cause damage to the components and affect the life of the components.

8. Does the house shadow, leaves, or even bird droppings on PV modules affect the power generation system?

A: Hot spot effects may occur and affect the amount of power generated. If leaves and bird droppings are found, they need to be cleared in time.

9, can resist typhoon, anti-hail?

A: The system is designed according to local conditions. Wind pressure, stacking, and roof styles will all be considered.

10. When the sun is in the air, are the vulnerable devices damaged and need to be replaced immediately?

A: It cannot be replaced immediately. If you want to replace the proposal in the morning or late in the afternoon, you should promptly contact the power station operation and maintenance personnel and go to the professional for replacement.

11. Does thunderstorm need to disconnect photovoltaic power generation system?

A: The distributed photovoltaic power generation system is equipped with lightning protection devices, so there is no need to disconnect. For safety insurance, you can choose to disconnect the circuit breaker switch of the combiner box, cut off the circuit connection with the PV modules, and avoid the damage caused by lightning strikes that cannot be removed by the lightning protection module. The operation and maintenance personnel should timely detect the performance of the lightning protection module to avoid The damage caused by the failure of the lightning module.

12. What is the effect of rainy weather?

A: It will also generate electricity, but the effect is not very good. If it is cloudy, power generation is only about 20% of sunny days.

13. How about 180-degree home use for one month?

A: 180 degrees a month, an average of 6 degrees a day, installing a set of 2KW system is sufficient, the sunshine time is calculated according to 4 hours.

14. For the commercial power used by my family, for each degree of money, can this dual-use commercial/residential building be able to generate electricity and receive subsidies through photovoltaic power generation?

A: It is perfectly possible that this kind of electricity price is more cost-effective than civil electricity installation of solar power.

15. How to estimate the investment of home distributed photovoltaic power generation system? How long does it usually take to recover costs?

A: The installation capacity of a general household distributed photovoltaic power generation system is about 3-10 kilowatts, which is calculated at a cost of 6-8 yuan per watt. The system investment is about 18,000-80,000 yuan. According to the lighting conditions, user-side electricity prices, subsidies, and system costs, the cost can be recovered in 6-8 years, and the lifetime of the photovoltaic system can reach and exceed 25 years, that is, the remaining electricity revenue generated by nearly 20 years and provinces. The electricity bill will become a direct profit.

16. If you consider various costs, what is the cost of a distributed power plant?

A: 0.6 yuan -1 yuan / kWh, according to the different conditions of the region's sunshine, there is a large amount of system capacity, the larger the system, the lower the cost.

17. If you add a solar tracker (automatically adjust the angle and direction of the battery), will it generate more electricity?

A: You can generate more electricity, but the cost is not proportional to the amount of electricity generated, but you must also increase the number of years of recovery. In addition, the tracker is a mechanical device that is not reliable and increases the cost.

18. Are there any restrictions on installing solar power equipment?

A: There are no restrictions on home installation. You need to fill in the application form to the grid business office.

19. Is it difficult to install yourself?

Answer: Need professional knowledge. Installed by professionals, the grid has equipment qualification requirements.

20. Can you guarantee the power generation?

A: It can be guaranteed that it is recommended to look for a regular professional roof photovoltaic installer.

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