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Revo Apollo-Industrial linear actuators 2020 dealers' annual meeting held

Date:2021-08-19 17:13:08
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From December 17th to 19th, the 2020 Annual Meeting of Distributors of Levo Apos with the theme of "Product Driven, Service Change, Customer Upgrade, Win-win Cooperation" was held in Weifang. Relevant leaders of the agricultural machinery industry, the distributors, service providers of agricultural equipment business of Lobos Pers, and representatives of some agricultural machinery cooperatives attended the meeting.

Keynote speech by Wang Guimin, Chairman and General Manager of Lovol Heavy Industries
At the meeting, Wang Guimin, Chairman and General Manager of Lovol Heavy Industry gave a wonderful speech with the theme of "Product Driven, Service Transformation, Customer Upgrade, Win-win Cooperation". Systematically elaborated the development status and future trends of China's modern agriculture, and put forward requirements for the future transformation and upgrading of the distribution system and capacity building of Levo Apos. It also deployed the theme and target arrangement of marketing in 2020, and always adhered to the "customer-centric ", Continue to push the quality strategy, and provide high-quality products and services for the majority of dealers and customers.

Li Jinliang, Deputy General Manager of Lovol Heavy Industry and General Manager of Lovol Abos Agricultural Equipment, made an operating report
Li Jinliang, deputy general manager of Lovol Heavy Industry and general manager of Lovol Abos Agricultural Equipment, reviewed the overall operation of Lovol Absolute in 2019 in the "Revo Absolute Business Operation Report" and proposed business strategies for the next five years. The plan clarified the business strategy and goals of Lobo Abos in 2020, while explaining in detail the strategic and service advantages of Lobo Abos' business, effectively enhancing the confidence of business personnel and dealers. He proposed: "Facing the new normal of agricultural machinery development, we also set new expectations for dealer capacity building. We hope that we can continue to improve our business operation capabilities, always take the customer as the center, take the competition as the direction, and actively embrace the new normal. Focus Customer value, innovative marketing models, and win-win development. "
Song Shengzhong, general manager of the Leibo Apos Agricultural Equipment Marketing Company, and Sun Bo, executive deputy general manager, made marketing and service reports, respectively. The report systematically reviewed the operation of the marketing and service work of Levo Absolute in 2019, and clarified the strategy and goals of Levo Absolute's marketing and service business in 2020. At the same time, it also conveyed the marketing strategy advantages of the Levo Absolute business. And service advantages, enhancing the confidence of business personnel and dealers.
"With the rapid growth of new-type business entities and service organizations such as large-scale and moderately large-scale operating organizations and agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, the service requirements for agricultural equipment products are also getting higher and higher. Under the current situation, focus on customer value and meet customer service. Demand is a top priority for Revo Abbos service. "
During the meeting, Lobos Persian Agricultural Equipment released 2020 star new products, and announced different marketing strategies for different new products. It was proposed that in 2020, it will continue to accelerate scientific and technological innovation through the integration of high-end global resources, and continue to launch suitable for the current High-tech smart products in the agricultural environment promote the development of agricultural modernization.

Revo Abos 2020 Awards
At the dealer awards ceremony, 116 dealers went to the stage and won honors. This year's award is based on the original seven outstanding awards, including the "Excellent Dealer Award" and "Best Brand Franchise Award", and a "career inheritance award" has been specially added to encourage outstanding young people in the father's business. Together, Levo Abbas will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of hard work and entrepreneurship. In the new era and new environment, we will pioneer, innovate, and be courageous to write a new chapter together.

Group photo of Revo Abos 2020 dealers' annual conference awards ceremony
With the warm applause, the 2020 annual meeting of the distributors of Levo Abos has come to a successful conclusion, and the horn of the new journey has been sounded. In 2020, all the marketers of Levo Abos will unite and work together to achieve the "World Leading brand of road walking machinery and equipment "
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